Nowadays there is a large increase in small and medium-scale private projects and mainly regarding home renovations. More specifically, this concerns individual works, such as renovation of the bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc., but also renovation of the entire house, both inside and out.

Many of our customers choose home renovation to increase the fair value of their property, sell it, or take advantage of the space professionally (Airbnb rental).

Tselika Group offers you integrated design and construction services. We help you unveil your space’s potential, by redesigning it in order to serve your personal needs and requirements. We design and create a comfortable, functional and stylish environment that will upgrade your quality of life your day-to-day, by proposing smart and flexible ideas for the renovation of your home.

For us, every renovation is a unique project while our engineers and crews design every work that will be done in your space with the utmost attention and ensure a luxury finish.

Tselika Group offers options tailored to the needs of its customers that will upgrade their quality of life and their day-to-day.

Remember that home renovation is an investment for your property!


Visualise with us the house of your dreams and Tselika Group will take care of its implementation!

Tselika Group’s skilled crew undertakes all types of renovation work on residential (flats, detached houses) business premises (offices, shops) tourist accommodations (hotels, flats for Airbnb) with guaranteed results!

We discuss your wishes together and we examine the needs of the space to create a renovation plan with a clear timetable, according to the budget that has been agreed from the beginning, without deviations.


    Stage 1

    We meet with the client at the space to be renovated.

    During the meeting and after our specialised crew has studied your space, we record its problems, needs and special requirements, and discuss your wishes regarding the design – decoration, the style and character of the space.

    Then, we compile a detailed mapping-recording of the current condition of the space by taking appropriate photographic material.

    Stage 3

    During the works, there is continuous supervision by specialised people of our company, who are responsible for monitoring the progress as well as the quality of the works, while checking the orders of the materials and the adherence to the timetable that has been agreed from the beginning.

    Tselika Group guarantees the quality of the materials that will be used for the renovation of your property, but also the best quality result in the minimum possible delivery time!

    Stage 2

    At the next meeting with the client, we present our proposals and designs with a detailed floor plan as well as in 3D, in order for our client to better understand the changes we propose, always taking into account the needs of the space and its final configuration.

    Each of our design proposals is accompanied by the corresponding detailed financial offer in order to provide a complete picture of the amount to be spent in order to achieve the desired result. In addition, you will be informed in due time about the timetable that will be followed as well as the exact date of completion of the works and of the project as a whole.

    Stage 4

    Upon completion of the works, and after the final inspection by the client, and the re-check by us, our specialised crew undertakes a complimentary cleaning of the space and we deliver a file to our client including the required certificates of authenticity and the guarantees of the construction and renovation materials as well as drawings and photographic material from the electrical installations, water/sewage, heating, etc.

    Η TSELIKAS GROUP έχει δημιουργήσει ολοκληρωμένα πακέτα ανακαίνισης σχεδιασμένα να ταιριάζουν σε όλα τα επίπεδα προϋπολογισμού. Παρέχεται ακόμα η δυνατότητα τροποποίησης του πακέτου ανακαίνισης στα δικά σας μέτρα & ανάγκες.

    Επικοινωνήστε μαζί μας για να βρούμε μαζί την πιο συμφέρουσα λύση ανακαίνισης του χώρου σας. 



       Study – design (3D visualisation) of your space whether it is a partial or a total renovation.

    We change the internal layout and jointly decide the necessary interventions according to the customer’s needs..

       Demolition – dismantling – removal.

       Dry building.

       Installation – upgrading of plumbing and electrical systems.

       Installation and application of plasterboards and insulation.

       Reconstruction of the floor (e.g. installation of tiles, marble & stone).

       Wall coverings (plastering, painting of interiors and exteriors).

       Building and placement of glass bricks.

       Installation of frames (composite & aluminium).

       Design, manufacture and installation of furniture (kitchen, living room, wardrobe, bathroom).

       General furnishings of tourist units, business premises, etc. (rooms, reception, kitchen, etc.).

       Creation of an attractive and pleasant environment inside the store with style and sophisticated aesthetics.

       Installation of a security door (entrance doors, internal doors).

       Construction & installation of chimneys

       We undertake the energy upgrade of your property (cooling – heating systems, solar water heaters, etc.).

       Landscaping – landscape architecture (swimming pools, lawn, parking spaces, fences).

      We design and create a comfortable and highly aesthetic environment that will upgrade your quality of life.

       Όλα types of minor repairwork.