We conduct energy inspections of buildings, that is, we estimate the actual energy consumption of a building while investigating the factors that affect it, as well as the possibilities of upgrading the energy efficiency of your property. The product of the energy inspection is the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) recognised by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MECC), which includes the conclusions of the Energy Inspector. The EPC classifies each building in an energy class (there are nine classes, from A+ to H).

The EPC offers a clear picture of the building’s condition and recommendations in order to improve its energy efficiency so that consumers can compare and evaluate their actual consumption and any potential for energy efficiency improvement. The issuance of the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is mandatory. Without it, no transfers/rentals can be concluded. Through the energy inspection and issuance of the Energy Performance Certificates process, the real estate market has gained a useful tool directly related to the value of the property.

The issuance of an EPC is mandatory in the following cases:
  for renting an entire or part of a building (Flat, Store) regardless of surface
  for any sale-purchase of an entire or part of a building (Flat, Store) regardless of surface
  upon completion of the construction of any new or radically renovated building
  on the inclusion of residential buildings in the “Exoikonomisi Kat’ Oikon” programme

The issuance of an EPC for buildings is not required in the following cases:

  Buildings used for purely industrial, artisanal or storage purposes.
  Individual buildings or auxiliary areas with a total useful floor area of less than 50 m2.
  Rural non-inhabitable buildings which have low energy requirements, or which are used in a sector covered by a specific agreement on energy efficiency.
  Buildings used as religious temples, gas stations, car parks.

The period of validity of the EPC is 10 years, except in the case of deep renovation of the building before the end of the decade, when a new EPC must be issued after the completion of the renovation works.