The Small Scale Permit is a form of building permit that concerns smaller works than the building permit and is also faster and cheaper to issue. The key condition for the issuance of a small-scale permit is that the property respect urban planning provisions.

It is officially known as Approval of Small-Scale Building Works (ASSBW).

Tselika Group undertakes all the work for the issuance of a small-scale permit, with constant updates and always with the agreement of the owner.

«Works for which Approval of Small-Scale Building Works (ASSBW) is required»

The cases of construction works that require the issuance of Approval of Small-Scale Building Works are as follows:

  Test trenches in the ground and excavations following a document of the archaeological service.

  Installation of prefabricated dwellings, where special programmes provide for the coverage of housing needs of disadvantaged and special population groups or provide for self-housing of repatriates.

  Pumping facilities and buildings with the absolutely necessary dimensions for their housing.

  Construction of underground cemetery facilities.

  Installation of temporary structures which consist entirely of dry building and which are installed on a light basis or with a spot foundation on the ground, are placed and removed in open parts, do not require extensive infrastructure that seriously alter the natural soil and do not require a permanent waste collection facility. They are placed, for a specific purpose and duration, in a buildable or non-buildable space and are accompanied by a certificate of structural resistance.

  Construction of a lift required to move persons with disabilities or impaired persons in existing buildings.


  Underground stations for the distribution or measurement and regulation of natural gas.

  Installation of scaffolding.

  Installation of construction housing.

  Excavation of routing ducts.

  Exterior painting works or replacement of railings or repair of coatings or repair of façades with scaffolding.

  Lining of façades and replacement of glass panes using scaffolding.

  Pergola construction.

  Construction of an empty water tank or pool, with a maximum surface of fifty (50) sq.m., provided that no wall of reinforced concrete is required, that the height of the constructions at no point exceeds one (1.00) metre from the ground level, that no excavations or repositories of natural soil greater than one and a half (1.50) metre are required and that the mandatory planting of the uncovered plot is observed.

  Ventilation ducts and other installations.

  Interior fittings.

  Change of use of buildings or individual horizontal properties in the event that the elements of the approved Building Permit Coverage Chart of the building, the approved Building Structural Design and the Electromechanical and Plumbing Designs of the central installations (pipelines) of the building do not change to the worst.

  Construction of green roofs and surfaces.

  Installation of external thermal insulation or passive solar systems on the external sides, as well as external thermal insulation or thermal insulation of roofs in the framework of the programme “Exoikonomo – Autonomo”.

  Maintenance and repair of roof using scaffolding, or its complete reconstruction.

  Simple walling of a parcel outside the city plan with a height of up to one (1.00) metre or fence made of light material.

  Fencing with makeshift construction, such as barbed wire, on plots that are not inserted in the street plan of cities.

  Construction of a single stone warehouse per cultivated parcel with an area of up to fifteen (15) square metres and a total height including the roof up to three (3.00) metres.

  Construction of hearths and ovens with their chimneys, for professional use, as well as fireplaces with their chimneys.

  Functional integration of independent functional spaces into a single space.

  Installation of antennas (except radio and television reception antennas and radio and mobile telephone antennas).

  Installation of an autonomous heating system.

  Sheds and shelters.

  Interventions on the façades of buildings to modify or open new openings when their new dimensions differ from the dimensions of the existing ones.

  Makeshift wooden constructions with auxiliary use up to 8 sq.m. and a maximum height of 2.50 m in the open space.

  Installation of photovoltaic systems.

  Installation of wind turbines.

  Splitting a horizontal property into 2 or more properties.

  Installations of anti-noise protection structures (noise barriers) in roofs or open spaces of special buildings, for the purpose of damping the noise of air-conditioning machines.

  Installation of prefabricated kindergarten classrooms for the implementation of two-year pre-school compulsory education, outside traditional settlements. The installation of the above classrooms is valid for four (4) years from the administrative acceptance of the classroom for use by the relevant Municipality with the possibility of extension for two (2) more years.

  Construction within a plot of land for the creation of entry points to land parcels.

  Installation of Small and Large Green Points as referred to in Article 44A of Law No. 4042/2012, including the construction of their supporting buildings, as well as any other required works.

In accordance with GG


Works for which no Building Permit or Approval of Small-Scale Works is required

  1. No building permit or approval of small-scale works shall be required for the following works, subject to the specific provisions concerning the area or building:

  interior paints, minor door and window repairs or individual repairs for use and hygiene, repair or replacement of floors.

  minor internal repairs or adaptations that do not alter the structure of the building, as well as constructions required for the movement or any form of service of persons with disabilities or impaired persons. Lift construction referred to in paragraph 2 of Article 27 of Law No. 4067/2012 (A 79) is not included.

  exterior paints or replacement of railings or repair of coatings or repair of façades without the use of scaffolding.

  maintenance, repair, adaptation and/or partial replacement of installations and building ducts.

  replacing internal or external frames and glass panes in the same opening.

  maintenance and repair of roofs without the use of scaffolding.

 small soil configurations up to plus/minus 0.80 m from the natural ground.

  installation of air conditioners and wall mounted gas boilers for heating and production of hot water for use in existing buildings, in accordance with par. 10 of article 16 of Law No. 4067/2012, installation of a series of wall mounted gas boilers for heating or hot water production for use in ground floor outdoor residential areas, installation of systems for the supply, regulation and measurement of natural gas, such as regulators, meters and drainage pipes, installation of High-Efficiency Cogeneration of Electricity and Heat (H.C.E.H.) systems, above-ground stations for the distribution or measurement and regulation of natural gas, in accordance with Article 17 of Law No. 4067/2012.

  installation of solar water heaters, according to par. 2b and 2c of article 19 of Law No. 4067/2012.

  work on the installation of passive solar systems or the replacement of external frames or the installation or replacement of chimneys on the external sides of existing buildings, without the use of scaffolding, in the framework of the “Exoikonomisi Kat’ Oikon” programme, as well as work on the installation of passive solar systems or the replacement of external frames or the installation or replacement of chimneys on the external sides of existing buildings without the use of scaffolding.

  placement or installation of equipment in buildings, such as wardrobes and pots, change, placement and/or removal of partitions of balconies, as well as the placement of small surface permanent decorative and utilitarian elements, such as statues, fountains, altars, benches and tables, or animal shelters of up to three (3) sq.m. in unprotected areas of land plots and parcels.

  construction of hearths, ovens and fireplaces with their chimneys in uncovered areas of land parcels or plots, provided that there is a building used as a residence, as well as in a building that has a building permit or exists legally, provided that the load-bearing elements of the building used as a residence are not affected, and provided that they are independent, individual houses with an independent load-bearing element.

  construction of a pergola with or without temporary shades of surface up to fifty (50) sq.m., in uncovered areas, foregardens and ground floor terraces, provided that it is not prohibited by special provisions in force in the area.

  constructions, such as stairs, ramps, buttresses and terraces in unprotected areas of land plots and parcels.

  installation of temporary shades, blinds, fixtures and awnings.

  floor covering of an open space, provided that it does not exceed 1/3 of the open space.

  soil configuration up to 0.80 m from the natural ground for reasons of improvement of its natural relief, using natural unbound materials, such as soil and mortar-free masonry, without altering its general natural geomorphology, the natural runoff gradient of the rainwater and the starting points of altitude measurements.

  constructions within a plot of land for the creation of entry points to land parcels and plots, up to two and a half (2.50) m. in height, up to two and a half (2.50) m. in width, up to one (1.00) m in depth.

  constructions for the installation of electricity meters at the boundaries of the plots or within their open spaces, in accordance with the applicable specifications.

  photovoltaic systems on buildings up to 100kW.

  constructions of underground bases of reinforced concrete for the installation of electromechanical equipment of any kind, the installation thereon of the corresponding electromechanical equipment, as well as the constructions of the accompanying works within each type and category of outdoor Substations of the Transmission System and the Electricity Distribution Network, whether existing or new, which at no point exceed 0.50 m from the finally formed ground level and for which a structural design approved by the implementing body is available.

  constructions for the installation of infrastructure and the installation of electric vehicle charging devices, without the need to install a new MV/LV transformer in the indoor electrical installation.

Before the execution of the above works, an electronic certificate of the competent engineer, issued by the Technical Chamber of Greece (TCG), shall be drawn up, stating that for the above works no approval by any body is required in the area of the property. In the event that approvals are required from other bodies or collective organisation, the file shall be updated accordingly.

 Walling using any material up to a height of three and a half (3.5) metres, for plots in off-plan areas and in settlements lacking a city plan, within which migrant detention centres, closed controlled island structures, reception and identification centres and accommodation structures are to operate.

  works required for the installation and operation of Waste Transfer Stations (WTS) of Joint Ministerial Decision No 114218/31.10.1997 (B 1016), such as protective fencing of the space, configurations for the circulation and service of access of vehicles including any required retaining walls, screens for wind protection, installation of prefabricated housing (outpost/staff building),as well as the necessary infrastructure networks for the operation of the station and the treatment of environmental impact.

  1. By decision of the Minister of Environment and Energy, the works for which the issuance of a permit or the approval of small-scale building works is not required may be completed or amended.